Our culture

Working with health and wellbeing, we have decided to play in a different league. Our over 900 employees promote people’s health and wellbeing in pharmaceutical distribution, dose dispensing and various expert roles. We foster our customer relationships and earn their trust every day.

We know that this is all because of you – our experts with broad range of knowledge, insights and enthusiasm. We are all eager to keep learning, growing and influencing for healthy living. We are proud of our sharing and caring team spirit, across businesses and countries. Together we enable Health for life.

What defines us as an employer?

During 2020, we asked our employees what they think about us as an employer, and what defines us. We were humbled by the results and it made us incredibly proud. Of course, we want to share this with you.

A wealth of expertise

With the industry's widest range of services in the Nordics, our employees have access to a wealth of expertise and inspiring career opportunities.

Encouraging health for life

Our important role in society gives working with us a purpose - we help people make healthy choices and feel better.

Great team and diversity

Together we create a friendly, healthy and secure atmosphere where we develop, have fun and share success. That is our team spirit!

Customer focus

We care for our customers and want to continue meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations - every day.

A chance to develop

For us, career develpment is a combination of your passion and our support. We do our best to boost our employees' development and we expect them to do the same with ours.

Health enablers

We have a healthy attitude, from diversity and inclusion to sustainability and wellbeing. With us, your competence is just as important as your learning attitude, service mindset and interest for health.

Everyday heroes

Working in Oriola means that you are an essential part of the distribution chain of pharmaceuticals and other health and wellbeing products. To thrive with us you will need to be open, proactive and responsible – and we will help you to develop your strengths.

Our values

Shared values capture what we have in common and what type of culture we want to create. Values also set guidance on desired ways of behaving and support our mission, vision, and reaching the strategic objectives.

We believe that openness builds trust, transparency and a culture where everyone feels heard, valued and included. We are open to new ideas, feedback and honest dialogue, and we respect others’ viewpoints.

Being proactive and curious helps us grow and exceed our customers’ expectations in an ever-changing world. We encourage a culture where people feel inspired to explore and to try new ideas.

Collaboration makes us stronger and helps us reach common goals. We are committed to growing together, as individuals and as a company, and to supporting each other along the way.

For us, responsibility means taking ownership and working together as a team for Oriola’s success. We care about society and about the people we work with.

We want to have the best employee experience

People is one of the three key themes in our sustainability programme. To attract the right talents and enable our employees to focus on what they do best, we want to offer a fair and equal workplace, where everyone can flourish and develop. Therefore, we have set Best-in-class employee engagement as our long-term goal.

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