Corporate Governance

These pages are Oriola Corporation’s primary Corporate Governance information source. Additional information is available in the annual report and interim reports.

The Oriola Group’s parent company, Oriola Corporation, is a public limited liability company incorporated and domiciled in Finland. The company's head office is located in Espoo, Finland.

Oriola Corporation ("Oriola " or "the company") complies with the provisions of its Articles of Association, the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act and the Finnish Securities Markets Act. The company also complies with the rules and guidelines issued by NASDAQ Helsinki Ltd (Helsinki Exchange), where it is listed, and the regulations and rules issued by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. The company also complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2015, with the exception that the company's Nomination Committee may also have members, who are not members of the company's Board of Directors.

Corporate Governance Statements

Corporate Governance Code