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We embarked on a transformation journey at the end of an eventful year of 2022

Katarina Gabrielson in our recently published Annual Review: “It truly was an eventful first year as the CEO of Oriola, and I am very pleased with the successful implementation of our strategic turnaround initiatives, the start of our transformation journey and the steps we took to reconnect with our roots.”


We recently published our Annual Report where you can read more about our progress and performance in 2022, but I want to give you a few highlights.

In 2022, the financial performance improved as a result of our achievements to streamline processes, to improve operational efficiency and to reduce costs. The improved financial performance was also supported by the general market growth. The global uncertainties and the accelerated inflation together with the energy crisis had a clear impact on the market environment, and I am proud of how well the Oriola team was able to manoeuvre in this rapidly changing operating environment.

Gradually throughout last year, we improved and simplified our organisational structure. In March, we announced the divestment of Oriola’s pharmacy staffing service company Farenta Oy. Another remarkable milestone in Oriola’s transformation was achieved in October, when the combining of Kronans Apotek and Apoteksgruppen into the joint venture company Swedish Pharmacy Holding AB, was finalised.

Following these significant changes in our business structure we are now able to focus on the core business and reinforce our role as a preferred partner in securing the availability of pharmaceuticals and in providing advisory services to pharmaceutical companies throughout product lifecycles.

The year 2022 required good adaptability and resilience from the organisation, and I am looking forward to navigating into the new year together with the management team and all the professional employees in Oriola. We are committed to continue the company’s transformation and to further improve the offering and services in close cooperation with our customers. The near-term focus will be on the ongoing transformation aiming at driving profitable growth, increasing operational and capital efficiency, and enhancing value creation through a collaborative culture.

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all employees for their commitment during the exceptional year 2022. I also want to thank our customers, partners, shareholders and other stakeholders for the trust they have shown us.

Katarina Gabrielson is the CEO of Oriola Corporation. This text is shortened from the CEO review in Oriola’s Annual Review 2022, you can see the whole review from the publication link below.