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Oriola has won Stockholm area dose dispensing contract


Oriola and Stockholms läns landsting (SLL) have signed an agreement to start dose dispensing cooperation in February 2019. Oriola will provide dose dispensing services of pharmaceuticals to approximately 35 000 patients in Stockholm and Gotland areas. The contract period is three years with the possibility of one year extension.

We are very happy that SLL chose Oriola as their new partner. With this contract, our dose dispensing volume increases significantly from 50,000 to over 85,000 patients served in Sweden. We are constantly developing our dose dispensing service Svensk Dos in Uppsala to be able to serve growing Swedish dose market. Early next year Oriola serve already over 100,000 dose dispensing patients in Sweden and in Finland”, says Thomas Gawell, Vice President, Healthcare business at Oriola.

Dose dispensing is growing strongly in the market reaching 5 - 10 % growth per year. Drivers for the growth are aging population and growing homecare. At the moment there are totally approximately 200,000 dose dispensing patients in Sweden and 45,000 in Finland.

In dose dispensing, all daily doses of medicines are packed in pouches for each patient with an automated dose dispensing machine. Patient safety is improving with right amount of medicines at each dose. Dose dispensing is also an effective way to simplify medicine management for healthcare professionals and to streamline and reduce overall healthcare costs.

Further information:

Thomas Gawell, Vice President, Healthcare Business, tel. +46 70 251 5003,

Tuula Lehto, Communications Director, tel. +358 40 588 5343,