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Oriola’s sustainability performance and GRI supplement for 2020 published


Oriola has published its sustainability results and GRI supplement from 2020. The key sustainability data and time series are reported in compliance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) core level. The environmental data in the GRI supplement has been assured by a third party (limited assurance). Earlier this year, Oriola published sustainability key themes according to the Finnish Accounting Act as part of the non-financial information included in the Board of Directors’ report in the Financial review.

The GRI supplement is available in a new sustainability website, which contains information on Oriola Group’s sustainability achievements in 2020, and progression towards our long-term sustainability goals.

“The purpose of the new website is to give an overall view of our sustainability approach, and to present our sustainability programme and long-term goals. It also provides information on how sustainability is integrated in our daily work and how we are a part of the entire healthcare value chain,” says Tuula Lehto, Vice President of Communications and Sustainability.