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Changes in Oriola´s Group Management Team, long-term financial targets and operating model


Oriola Corporation Stock Exchange Release 18.9.2018 at 10.00 a.m.

Changes in Oriola´s Group Management Team, long-term financial targets and operating model

Oriola’s Board of Directors has approved the company’s new operating model, updated strategy and new long-term financial targets. Oriola changes its organisation to be able to develop, and better fulfil customer needs. With the new structure, Oriola can realise business synergies as well as improve operational excellence and cost efficiency.

“Oriola has broadened its service portfolio over the past three years. With the updated strategy and new operating model, we want to clarify and strengthen our customer focus in all businesses. Our target is to build a strong Oriola culture to support operational excellence throughout the company,” says Robert Andersson, President and CEO of Oriola.  

New business areas

Oriola’s operations will be divided into three business areas operating in Finland and Sweden: Pharma, Retail and Consumer. As of 1 January 2019, these three business areas are also the new financial reporting segments. The company will unite logistics operations and operational and indirect sourcing into a new Group function “Operations” to ensure strong logistics service development in all business areas, as well as sourcing efficiency. Dose manufacturing will be moved under Operations.

The new Business Area Retail offers a wide range of health and wellbeing products and services, including dose services, to pharmacies, veterinaries, private and public healthcare operators and retailers. This business area will be headed by Katarina Gabrielson, Vice President, Retail, who currently serves as Director for the Retail Business Unit.

The new Business Area Pharma offers tailored logistics and expert and advisory services to pharmaceutical companies, and a wide range of pharma-products to pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and veterinaries. This business area will be headed by Thomas Gawell, Vice President, Pharma who currently serves as VP of the Healthcare Business Area.

The Business Area Consumer focuses on health and wellbeing products and services provided directly to consumers from Kronans Apotek pharmacies and Hehku health and wellbeing stores, as well as through online channels. Anders Torell, Vice President, Consumer, will continue to lead Business Area Consumer.

The new operating model and responsibilities will take effect from 1 January 2019.

Oriola's Group Management Team’s responsibilities as of 1 January 2019:

  • Robert Andersson, President and CEO
  • Katarina Gabrielson, Vice President, Business Area Retail
  • Thomas Gawell, Vice President, Business Area Pharma
  • Helena Kukkonen, CFO
  • Tuula Lehto, Group Communications Director
  • Charlotta Nyström, CIO
  • Petter Sandström, General Counsel
  • Teija Silver, Vice President, HR
  • Anders Torell, Vice President, Business Area Consumer

Katarina Gabrielson (M. Sc) joined Oriola in 2012 as Director for the Business Unit Pharmacy in Sweden and has served as Director for the Retail Business Unit since 2017. Before joining Oriola, she has been working in the retail sector in various roles within companies such as Axfood and Reitan.

The search for the new Vice President of Operations function is ongoing. The VP Operations will be part of Oriola’s Group Management Team.

Oriola long-term financial targets

Oriola’s long-term financial targets remain unchanged except for the adjusted gearing ratio change from 30-60 per cent to lower than 70 per cent.

  • Business growth at the rate of the market
  • Annual EPS growth over 5 per cent without non-recurring items
  • Return on capital employed of over 20 per cent
  • Adjusted gearing ratio of lower than 70 per cent*

*Non-recourse trade receivables are added to the net debt, as before

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