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Changes in Oriola Management Team


Oriola Corporation Stock Exchange Release 27 October 2021 at 11.30 a.m.

Changes in Oriola Management Team

As announced on 4 October 2021, Oriola has initiated its transformation and turnaround process through a plan to optimise its operating model and simplifying the organisational structure. Oriola aims to implement a country-based organisation, where current business areas Pharma and Retail as well as Operations function will be transformed into geographical business areas operating in Finland and Sweden. Swedish pharmacy operations continue as its own business area.

Consequently, the composition of Oriola Management Team will change. As of 1 January 2022, Oriola Management Team consists of the following members:

Elisa Markula, CEO
Sari Pohjonen, CFO (starting on 8 November 2021)
Katarina Gabrielson, Vice President, Business Area Oriola Sweden (currently Vice President, Business Area Retail)
Anne Kariniemi, Vice President, Business Area Oriola Finland (currently Vice President, Operations)
Mika Uusitalo, Vice President, Supply Chain and Business Development
Elina Niemelä, Chief People Officer
Petter Sandström, General Counsel

Elisa Markula is also acting Vice President of Business Area Oriola Consumer, Sweden.

Fredrik Pamp, currently Vice President, Business Area Pharma, will continue at Oriola as Commercial Director, Sweden, reporting to Katarina Gabrielson, Vice President, Business Area Oriola Sweden. Tuula Lehto, Vice President, Communications and Sustainability, will continue in her current role, reporting to Elisa Markula, CEO. Charlotta Nyström, CIO, will continue in her current role, reporting to Sari Pohjonen, CFO.

“With the renewed Oriola Management Team, we continue to increase customer focus and support the success of the planned country-based organisation. Our primary task is to rigorously execute Oriola’s turnaround that aims at increased profitability and cost competitiveness, as well as value creation,” says Elisa Markula, CEO of Oriola.

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