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Oriola sells part of its ownership in an e-health provider in Sweden


Oriola Corporation Insider Information 31 May at 9.45 a.m.

Oriola sells part of its ownership in an e-health provider in Sweden

Oriola has decided to sell up to 50% of its approximately 14% ownership share of, a leading Swedish e-health provider. The sales price is approximately SEK 340 million. The profit from the sale will be recognised in other comprehensive income in the consolidated financial statements. Thus, the transaction does not have an impact on the Group’s EPS, but it has a positive cashflow impact and it improves the capital structure of the Group. Oriola remains one of the largest shareholders in    

Oriola has been investing in since 2018 and the ownership has enabled a tight strategic cooperation in the Swedish market. The commercial cooperation with continues and strengthens Oriola’s positions on the fast-developing digital healthcare market in Sweden.

” is a strategic investment and an excellent partner for Oriola. has successfully grown in value, and we have been one of the early investors in the company. For us, the comprehensive development of online business and cooperation with will continue to be an important growth area in Sweden. The accelerating international growth programme of is a natural moment for us to decrease our ownership and that way contribute to other types of investors being able to invest in,” says Juko Hakala, President and CEO of Oriola.

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