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Changes in Oriola Management Team


Oriola Corporation Stock Exchange Release 16 May 2022 at 9.00 a.m.

Changes in Oriola Management Team

Hannes Hasselrot, currently Vice President, Consumer and Managing Director of Kronans Apotek, has been appointed Oriola Corporation’s Vice President, Oriola Sweden. Until the planned pharmacy joint venture has been approved by the competition authorities and the merger is completed in Sweden, Hasselrot will continue in his current role. Consequently, Oriola Corporation’s CEO Katarina Gabrielson continues to act as interim leader for Oriola Sweden until the planned merger has been completed.

“Hannes Hasselrot has the needed capabilities to lead Oriola’s transformation forward in Sweden. His knowledge in pharmacy business and digitalisation are competitive advantages in the changing market environment,” says Oriola Corporation’s CEO Katarina Gabrielson.

“I am excited of this new opportunity in Oriola. Company’s purpose ‘Health for life’ has always inspired me and our role in the society as pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor is more important than ever. Until the planned pharmacy joint venture has been approved and the merger is completed, my focus is to lead Kronans Apotek,” says Hannes Hasselrot.

The announced change will not affect the composition of Oriola Management Team.

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Katarina Gabrielson, CEO
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Hannes Hasselrot
VP, Consumer and Managing Director, Kronans Apotek
tel. +46 72 150 0020

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