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Implementation of Orion's demerger entered in the Trade Register on 1 July 2006


Oriola-KD Corporation Stock Exchange Release, 3 July 2006 at 09.00 a.m.

The implementation of the demerger of Orion Corporation was entered in the
Trade Register on 1 July 2006. At the same time, the demerged company was
dissolved and the new companies resulting from the demerger, Orion Corporation
and Oriola-KD Corporation, were entered in the Trade Register. 

Public trading in the Class A and Class B shares of the new Orion Corporation
will begin today, 3 July 2006, on the Main List of the Helsinki Stock Exchange.
The trading codes are as follows: 

Class A shares Class B shares
Trading code OKDAV OKDBV
ISIN code FI0009014344 FI0009014351
Lot size 100 100

In the GICS-based (Global Industry Classification Standard) classification of
companies on the Stock Exchange, Oriola-KD Corporation belongs to the industry
class of Healthcare, under the code 35102010 - Health Care Distributors. 

The share capital of Oriola-KD Corporation is EUR 147,899,766.14, and the
counter book value of each share is approximately EUR 1.05. The total number of
shares is 141,257,828, of which 56,397,540 are Class A shares and 84,860,288
are Class B shares. 

Oriola-KD Corporation will provide information about the acquisition costs of
the demerging Orion Corporation's shares to be divided between new Orion
Corporation and Oriola-KD Corporation shares after receiving the information.
This is estimated to take place in mid July 2006. 

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