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Oriola-KD acquired the minority holding of Astra Arcus in Kronans Droghandel AB


Oriola-KD Corporation Stock Exchange Announcement 14 November 2006 at     4.30

Oriola-KD Corporation has increased its holding in Kronans Droghandel AB (KD)
in Sweden from 82.69 per cent to 85.62 per cent after acquiring the minority
holding of Astra Arcus AB in KD. Astra Arcus AB's holding in KD was 2.66 per

The share purchase is paid in cash. The parties have agreed not to publish the
purchase price of the shares. The acquisition in question cannot be deemed
significant in accordance with the Rules of the Helsinki Stock Exchange. 

The minority shareholdings in KD after the transaction are divided as follows:
Merck Sharp & Dohme Sverige AB 12.51 per cent and Organon AB 1.87 per cent. 

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