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The amount of treasury shares held by Oriola-KD Corporation on 27 March 2008


Oriola-KD Corporation Stock Exchange Announcement 27 March 2008 at
1.30 p.m.

The decisions by the Board of Directors of Oriola-KD Corporation of
20 February 2008 regarding the bonus issue to the company itself and
the targeted bonus issue, as a part of the incentive scheme for the
company's top management, have now been fully executed.

Oriola-KD Corporation issued to the company itself a total of 650,000
new B-shares. Furthermore, the company decided on a targeted bonus
issue where a total of 156,048 treasury B-shares were issued to the
CEO and other members of the Management Team of the Oriola-KD Group.

Said share issues have now been implemented and registered. As to the
bonus issue to the MGT members the company has today transferred a
total of 156,048 B-shares into the book-entry accounts of the

After execution of the share issues  the company now holds a total of
493,952 own treasury B-shares.

The total number of the company's shares is 141,907,828 shares out of
which 50,778,807 shares are A-shares and 91,129,021 are B-shares.

Oriola-KD Corporation

Eero Hautaniemi
President and CEO

Henry Haarla
General Counsel

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