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Oriola-KD Corporation's Annual Summary 2008


Oriola-KD Corporation's Stock Exchange Announcement 30 January 2009
at 1.45 p.m.

In year 2008 Oriola-KD Corporation has published Stock Exchange
Releases as follows:

22.01.2008 Publishing of Oriola-KD Corporation's financial statements
for 2007
30.01.2008 Recommendation by the Nomination Committee concerning
Proposals by the Board of Directors to the AGM
07.02.2008 Oriola-KD Corporation's financial statements for 1 January
- 31 December 2007
11.02.2008 Oriola-KD Corporation's 200,000 A-shares converted into
19.02.2008 Oriola-KD Corporation's 266,598 A-shares converted into
20.02.2008 Notice of Annual General Meeting of Oriola-KD Corporation
in 2008
20.02.2008 The decisions by the Board on a bonus issue to the company
itself and on a targeted bonus issue in the incentive scheme of the
company's top management
27.02.2008 Oriola-KD Corporation's Annual Report for 2007
17.03.2008 Oriola-KD to enter growing Russian pharmaceutical retail
and wholesale markets
17.03.2008 Resolutions Passed by Oriola-KD Corporation's Annual
General Meeting
27.03.2008 The amount of treasury shares held by Oriola-KD
Corporation on 27 March 2008
01.04.2008 Oriola-KD Corporation's 55,954 A-shares converted into
15.04.2008 Publishing of Oriola-KD Corporation's interim report
January-March 2008
21.04.2008 Oriola-KD has made the closing of the Russian
25.04.2008 Oriola-KD Corporation's interim report for 1 January - 31
March 2008
05.05.2008 Oriola Corporation's 599,991 A-shares converted into
22.05.2008 Oriola-KD Corporation's new dates for publishing 2008
second and third quarter interim reports
06.06.2008 Oriola-KD Corporation's 1,300,000 A-shares converted into
26.06.2008 Oriola-KD has acquired the minority holding of Merck Sharp& Dohme
(Sverige) AB 
17.07.2008 Oriola-KD Corporation's 130,659 A-shares converted into
30.07.2008 Announcement in accordance with Section 10 of Chapter 2 of
the Finnish Securities Market Act
11.08.2008 Publishing of Oriola-KD Corporation's interim report
21.08.2008 Oriola-KD Corporation's interim report for 1 January - 30
June 2008
13.10.2008 Changes in Oriola-KD's Group Management Team
27.10.2008 Oriola-KD Corporation publish interim report
January-September 2008 earlier
31.10.2008 Oriola-KD Corporation's interim report for 1 January - 30
September 2008
21.11.2008 Publication schedule for Oriola-KD's financial reporting
in 2009
21.11.2008 Composition of the Oriola-KD Corporation Nomination

Some of the information included in the releases might be

Stock Exchange Releases will be found in Oriola-KD Corporation's

Oriola-KD Corporation

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