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Oriola-KD to join forces with KF on the Swedish pharmacy market


Oriola-KD Corporation Stock Exchange Release 15 June 2009 at 9.30

Oriola-KD and KF (Kooperativa Förbundet) have agreed to join forces
on the Swedish pharmacy market, which will be deregulated on 1 July

The cooperation comprises of preparation for the divestment process
of Apoteket AB's pharmacy clusters and the establishment of new
pharmacies, mainly in conjunction with Coop's hyper and supermarkets
owned by KF.

The target of Oriola-KD and KF is to establish a joint venture, in
which Oriola-KD would hold the majority ownership and be responsible
for the development and management of the pharmacy chain.

A precondition for the establishment of the joint venture is the
acquisition of a sufficient number of pharmacies in the pharmacy
cluster divestment process, which would make the creation of a
significant new pharmacy chain possible.

Kronans Droghandel, which is owned by Oriola-KD, has more than 100
years experience in the Swedish pharmaceutical market. KF has a long
term experience of the Swedish retail market. The joint venture would
operate under the Kronans Droghandel brand.

Oriola-KD continues to actively develop its pharmaceutical wholesale
and healthcare trade businesses in Sweden. These businesses are fully
owned subsidiaries of Oriola-KD.

After the deregulation of the Swedish pharmacy market, also other
actors than Apoteket AB are allowed to run pharmacies. In conjunction
with the deregulation, 466 pharmacies will be sold to large and
midsize companies and around 150 of the pharmacies remaining in state
ownership will be sold to entrepreneurs and small business owners in
a separate process. Apoteket AB will retain 330 pharmacies. There are
currently some 946 pharmacies in Sweden.

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