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Recommendation by the Nomination Committee for proposals by the Board of Directors to the AGM


Oriola-KD Corporation Stock Exchange Release 19 January 2009 at 4.45
The Nomination Committee of Oriola-KD Corporation has today given its
recommendation to the Board of Directors for the proposal to the
Annual General Meeting on 16 April 2009 concerning the composition of
the Board of Directors as follows:

- The number of Board members would be seven (7)
- As Board members would be re-elected Mr. Harry Brade, Mr. Pauli
Kulvik, Ms. Outi Raitasuo, Mr. Antti Remes, Mr. Olli Riikkala, Mr.
Jaakko Uotila and Mr. Mika Vidgrén
- Mr. Olli Riikkala would be re-elected as Chairman of the Board

The following remunerations are recommended to be paid to the Board
of Directors:

- Chairman: annual fee EUR 44,000, fee for each meeting EUR 800,
telephone as a fringe benefit
- Vice Chairman: annual fee EUR 27,500, fee for each meeting EUR 400
- Other members of the Board: annual fee EUR 22,000, fee for each
meeting EUR 400
- The annual fees to be paid in cash no later than 5 May 2009
- Fees for meetings would be paid respectively also to members of the
Corporate or Board Committees
- Travel expenses would be reimbursed in accordance with the travel
policy of the company

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