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Tuomas Itkonen appointed Chief Financial Officer of Oriola-KD Corporation and member of Oriola-KD's Group Management Team


Oriola-KD Corporation Stock Exchange Release 27 July 2012 at 3 p.m.

Tuomas Itkonen, M.Sc. (Econ) (b.1968), has been appointed CFO (Chief Financial
Officer) of Oriola-KD Corporation and member of Oriola-KD's Group Management
Team. He will start in his position as of 26 January 2013 at the latest; the
exact starting date will be confirmed during the fall. Currently Itkonen works
at Alma Media as CFO and he has over 10 years' experience in financial
management in an international business environment.

Oriola-KD's Group Management Team is composed of:

  * Eero Hautaniemi, President and CEO
  * Lars Birkeland, Vice President, Pharmaceutical Retail, Sweden
  * Henry Fogels, Vice President, Pharmaceutical Wholesale, Russia
  * Thomas Gawell, Vice President, Pharmaceutical Wholesale, Sweden
  * Tuomas Itkonen, CFO
  * Konstantin Minin, Vice President, Pharmaceutical Retail, Russia
  * Teija Silver, Vice President, HR
  * Kimmo Virtanen, Executive Vice President, Pharmaceutical Wholesale,
Finland, Sweden and the Baltics

Oriola-KD Corporation

Eero Hautaniemi
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Petter Sandström
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