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Oriola-KD Corporation has investigated the development of its capital structure


Oriola-KD Corporation Stock Exchange Release 21 October 2013 at 6:00 p.m.

The  Board of Directors of Oriola-KD  Corporation ("Oriola-KD" or the "Company")
has  investigated possibilities for developing  the Company's capital structure.
In  this  context,  the  Company  has  also  investigated  the preconditions for
combining  the  current  two  share  classes  of  the  Company,  as  well as for
strengthening the Company's balance sheet with equity financing. The request for
the  investigation of the  combination of the  share classes was  presented by a
group  of shareholders holding more than 10 per  cent of the shares of Oriola-KD
and more than 15 per cent of the total votes.

The Board estimates that the conducted investigations do not currently give rise
to  any further measures.  A resolution concerning  the combination of the share
classes  would require, among other things  that the resolution receives consent
from  the majority of shares  in the share class  whose rights would be reduced.
Based  on its investigations, the Board of Directors estimates that it could not
secure  the aforesaid consents  even if the  shareholders of the  class A shares
with  multiple votes would be offered  a market-term premium in conjunction with
the  combination. The Board presented as its recommendation a premium of 8.3 per
cent  to be offered to the owners of class A shares. The presented premium level
was  based on an analysis of market data up until 11 October 2013 by an external
advisor.  On  the  basis  of  its  investigations  the  Board  of Directors also
estimates  that  currently  the  Company  could  not secure commitments from the
Company's  largest shareholders  to take  part, for  example, in  a rights issue
during the year 2013.

The   Board  of  Directors  will  continue  its  investigations  concerning  the
development of the Company's capital structure as part of the Company's ordinary
operations.  The aforesaid does  not change the  Company's previous estimates of
the Company's funding positions or its outlook for the current financial year.

Oriola-KD Corporation

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For additional information, please contact:

Jukka Alho
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Tuomas Itkonen
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Petter Sandström
General Counsel, secretary to the Board of Directors
tel.  +358 10 429 5761

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