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Oriola-KD Corporation's name is now Oriola Corporation


Oriola Corporation Stock Exchange Release 3.4.2017 at 12.00

Oriola-KD Corporation's name is now Oriola Corporation

The AGM resolved to amend Article 1 of the company's Articles of Association in
accordance with the proposal of the Board of Directors as follows: the corporate
name of the company is Oriola Corporation. According to this decision the new
name of the company Oriola Corporation has been now been entered in to the trade
register. Company name in Finnish is Oriola Oyj and in Swedish Oriola Abp.

Oriola Corporation
Board of Directors

For additional information, please contact:

Petter Sandström
General Counsel, secretary to the Board of Directors
tel.  +358 10 429 5761

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Oriola Corporation
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