Real World Evidence - when impact matters

Effective treatment is important for the individual, but also for the society and pharmaceutical industry. Medicines do not have the same effect on everyone. This can be partly explained by genetic factors, but genes are not the only deciding factors.  Real world evidence research can provide useful information to support the treatment of the patients, for the planning of health care and the allocation of resources, and for developing new medical products.

Way to success: RWD + PRO = RWE

  • RWD (Real world data):  We collect RWD from national registers (National Institute for Health and Welfare THL, Social Insurance Institution of Finland KELA, Statistics Finland, e.g.), University hospital data-lakes included different Electronic Medical Records and private healthcare providers.
  • PRO (Patient reported outcome): Patient reported outcomes plays a key role in creating a reliable full picture of the medicinal treatment of the patient. PRO is collected through Oriola´s Research Pharmacy Network (more than 180 pharmacy involved with national coverage) and in collaboration with patient organizations and private healthcare providers.
  • RWE (Real world evidence): Combining Healthcare Systems and Patient Perspectives in unique and tailored we produce real world evidence for better health.

All of our activities are guided by a passion for building solutions to support the health and welfare of people.

Heli Salminen-Mankonen

Heli Salminen-Mankonen

Head of Data Driven Business and Research
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