Sustainability development 2021

We follow our sustainability impact through our long-term goals that have been defined for each theme of our sustainability programme. To measure our achievement, we have set key performance indicators (KPI) for the strategy period. Please click the long-term goal to see our sustainability performance in 2021.

Our long-term sustainability goals

Goals for 2020-2022 Development in 2021
Development of new health-promoting services To support people during the pandemic, Oriola has offered new COVID-19 related services in our own pharmacies in Sweden such as antigen tests (more than 100,000 in 2021) and vaccinations (112,000 in 2021).
High-quality pharmaceutical deliveries Oriola delivers pharmaceuticals within 24 hours of ordering to all pharmacies and hospital pharmacies, as well as other healthcare units in Sweden and Finland. The pandemic has not affected pharmaceutical deliveries. In 2021 Oriola developed an indicator to follow pharmaceutical delivery quality and accuracy measuring the ability to deliver ordered pharmaceuticals to pharmacies, hospitals and veterinarians. During the year the indicator was defined and applied for Finland, and it was 99.8%.
Promoting the safe and correct usage of medicines In 2021, Oriola defined a new intermediate target to ensure safe medicine usage in its own pharmacies. The target is that when customers collect their prescribed medicines, in 70% of cases pharmacies check by using a national electronic support system that medicine is compatible with, for example, customers’ other medication. As a result, the safety check was made in 68% of the cases in 2021.
Increasing sustainable products in private labels to cover 20% of the product range Oriola has defined the sustainability criteria for private label products and implemented this in Sweden. In 2021 18% (18% in 2020) of the range was sustainably classified, for example products that have received the Nordic Swan Ecolabel or another eco-label.
Goals for 2020-2022 Development in 2021
Raising the employee engagement index to at least 80 In 2021 Oriola started a major transformation, and the employee engagement survey was postponed to be conducted in 2022 due to the changes in operating model and organisation. Because of this, the employee engagement index for 2021 is not available (78 in 2020).
Having an employee turnover of maximum 12% Employee turnover was 14.4% (10.2% in 2020).
Goals for 2020-2022 Development in 2021
Using only renewable electricity and carbon-neutral heat In 2021, Oriola continued changing to renewable electricity. In our own Swedish pharmacies where Oriola cannot negotiate direct electricity contract, we purchased guarantees of origin to match the consumption. As a result, 100% of the electricity in Oriola Group comes from renewable sources. 95% of Oriola’s total energy consumption comes from renewable or carbon-neutral sources (92% in 2020).
Recycling at least 85% of all non-pharmaceutical waste Oriola has systematically increased possibilities to sort waste in recent years. In 2021, we enhanced, for example, the collection of plastic packages and cardboard boxes in our dose-dispensing units in Finland and Sweden. In addition, collection of reusable wooden pallets was improved at the Swedish distribution centre to minimise waste and promote the circular economy. Oriola’s recycling rate increased to 79% (74% in 2020).