Sustainability development 2022

We follow our sustainability impact through our long-term goals that have been defined for each theme of our sustainability programme. To measure our achievement, we have set key performance indicators (KPI) for the strategy period. Please click the long-term goal to see our sustainability performance in 2022.*

Our long-term sustainability goals

Goals for 2020-2023 Development in 2022
Pharmaceutical delivery quality and accuracy Oriola delivers pharmaceuticals within 24 hours of ordering to all pharmacies and hospital pharmacies, as well as other healthcare units in Sweden and Finland. The pandemic has not affected pharmaceutical deliveries. In 2021 Oriola developed an indicator to follow pharmaceutical delivery quality and accuracy measuring the ability to pick and deliver ordered pharmaceuticals to pharmacies, hospitals and veterinarians. In 2022, the indicator, which includes only Finland, was 99.6% (99.8% in 2021).
Safe and correct usage of medicines In 2022, Oriola defined a new target for ensuring safe and correct medicine usage. The target is to ensure that occurrence of product defects in our dose-dispensing patient deliveries is less than 0,006%. As the indicator was defined during 2022, the result will be available for the first time in 2023 reporting.
Goals for 2020-2023 Development in 2022
Employee engagement In 2022, Oriola replaced Employee engagement index with eNPS to measure employee engagement. In 2022, after the big organisational restructuring the eNPS declined and was -22. Oriola aims for a significant improvement in 2023 (+21%-points).
Goals for 2020-2023 Development in 2022
Renewable electricity and carbon-neutral heat By the end of 2022, 91% of the electricity and heat purchased in Oriola Group came from renewable sources (95% in 2021). The renewable electricity and carbon neutral heat rate decreased slightly, which was mostly due to excluding Kronans Apotek’s energy consumption from the calculation.
Recycling of waste Oriola has systematically increased possibilities to sort waste in recent years, and currently there are over 10 different sorting categories available in the company’s biggest warehouses in Finland and Sweden, with cardboard, plastic and waste to energy being the largest categories. During 2022, we introduced
two new sorting categories at our Swedish distribution centre. In addition, new waste compactors to mitigate waste management were introduced. During the year, we also increased employee awareness by recycling campaigns and training materials. As a result of our efficient work, Oriola’s Group-wide recycling rate increased to 83% (79% in 2021).

* Oriola’s sustainability programme has covered Kronans Apotek pharmacy chain in Sweden until 3 October 2022, when it was combined with Apoteksgruppen into a new company named Swedish Pharmacy Holding AB. This has affected Oriola’s previously launched sustainability targets and KPIs, and the progress in 2022 could only be measured to a limited extent, as some of the indicators have covered functions included in the old company structure. Oriola’s sustainability programme has been prolonged by a year, covering the year of 2023. While the sustainability KPIs remain the same as in the previous programme, the indicators have been adjusted according to the new company structure.