Society – improving people’s health

Getting medicines available for people and healthcare is the cornerstone of our business. Through this responsible role in society, we are an essential part of the entire healthcare value chain.

Oriola’s services and solutions promote medicine availability in many ways. We support pharmaceutical companies in bringing medicines to market and developing effective pharmacotherapy. Our pharmaceutical distribution ensures safe and on-time deliveries of medicines and other health product to pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and veterinarians. We support consumers in safe medicine usage through our Swedish pharmacy chain Kronans Apotek, as well as our dose-dispensing, patient support and medical information services. In addition, we offer primary care services in our pharmacies, which relieves primary healthcare and increases access to care.

In this area, Oriola’s long-term sustainability goal is to improve people’s health, which has become a special priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. To achieve this goal, we have set the intermediate targets of developing new health-promoting services, ensuring high-quality pharmaceutical deliveries in our operating countries, and extending the choice of sustainable products to cover 20% of the private label range in Sweden by 2022. In 2021, we added ensuring safe usage of medicines as a new intermediate target.