Leadership has a significant impact on employee experience and our culture.

We have defined common leadership principles for Oriola that are based on our values and business goals. They guide our leaders in their everyday work and describe what is expected from leaders in Oriola. Our ongoing pilot programme shows how to train managers to make changes in their leadership behaviour and how to get feedback on development areas.

Change management is one of the key development areas, because our business environment, culture and ways of working are undergoing a big transformation. Oriola wants to support the managers’ capabilities and offer tools for change management. We have taken a change management model in use, and its implementation continued during 2020. The aim is to form a network of change sponsors and increase managers’ competence to lead business transformation and change in their teams. Change management will be incorporated in each major project and programme to support its success.

Leaders in a key role during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the significance of leadership. Managers and supervisors in pharmacies and production have had a key role in ensuring our employees’ health and safety and keeping their team up to date in sometimes quickly changing situations. Our office employees have worked mostly remotely since March 2020, which created new kind of challenges for our leaders to engage and motivate their teams without a regular face-to-face contact. To help our leaders to adapt to new circumstances, we created e-learning information about remote leadership and remote working.

To ensure continuous development, we measure the quality of leadership annually as part of our employee survey. This survey is a management tool that helps to plan measures to further enhance personnel commitment and wellbeing. In 2020, the response rate was 67% in the whole organisation. Based on survey results, teams identify and plan improvement actions, which are registered for follow-up. After the 2020 survey, 83% of the teams at Group level have registered actions.