Safe and healthy work environment

We want to offer a safe and healthy working environment that supports employees’ wellbeing.

Occupational healthcare activities aim at a healthy and safe working environment, a well-functioning work community, the prevention of work-related illnesses and accidents, and maintaining and promoting work and functional capacity at various stages of working life.

In Finland, the statutory labour protection activity is represented by an occupational safety organisation with all personnel groups represented.In Sweden, occupational health and safety is organised in compliance with Swedish legislation, with support from occupational healthcare suppliers and in cooperation with local unions. Oriola also offers a wide range of voluntary health promotion services from sports to culture.

Health and safety training is included in our induction process, consisting of guidelines and instructions to ensure safe work for all, especially in our production sites. In addition, Oriola’s businesses provide tailored occupational safety training when needed. Job-specific safety training includes, for example, safe handling of chemicals and the use of safety equipment. Site management teams are responsible for assessing, mitigating, and monitoring site-specific risks and incidents. Managers have a responsibility to work on risks and improvements continuously to guarantee a safe workplace. Employees are encouraged to participate in the work and report findings or share improvement ideas on safety issues in the working environment.

Today, the balance between work and other areas of life is a critical element in employee wellbeing. Managing one's own work, stress levels and recovery are typical challenges, particularly in expert work. Considering personal life situation, such as caring for small children or ageing parents, is also important for a balanced workload. Flexible practices such as remote working and part-time work facilitate the adaptation to different life situations. At Oriola, digital working tools support cooperation and information sharing regardless of the employee’s physical location.