Sustainability at Oriola

Oriola’s sustainability programme has three themes: society, people and planet.

Oriola’s sustainability programme is integrated in our Group-strategy along with our long-term sustainability goals. We strive towards these long-term goals with our strategy period target setting. Our sustainability programme is based on materiality assessment and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In line with our purpose ‘Health for life’, we improve the prerequisites for a healthier life – in the context of society, employees and environment.

Our highest priority and the most societally significant task is ensuring pharmaceutical safety and the availability of pharmaceuticals. Around half of the pharmaceuticals used in Finland and in Sweden pass through Oriola. We promote the safe usage of medicines through our patient support, medical information and dose-dispensing services. Additionally, we bring sustainable wellbeing products to the market.

Oriola's professionals work in many positions in logistics centres, dose production and various expert roles. Employees are our most important asset: their expertise and know-how are a prerequisite for an excellent customer experience, responsible business and for meeting the strict quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Investing in personnel development and wellbeing also builds our competitiveness in a rapidly changing market. We want to offer our employees diverse career paths, and an equal and fair workplace.

Wellbeing of the planet is an integral element of people’s health and creating a healthier tomorrow. Therefore, our ambition is to reach carbon neutrality by 2030. This means we will reduce our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to zero. To reach this goal, we work together with various partners. As part of this journey, in 2021 we committed to achieve carbon neutrality in our own operations by 2025. The target means reducing to zero CO2 emissions from sources owned by the company and purchased energy.

The sustainability programme has covered Oriola's Kronans Apotek pharmacy chain in Sweden until 3 October 2022, when it was combined with Apoteksgruppen in to a new company.

Sustainability long-term goals

We follow our sustainability impact through our long-term goals that have been defined for each theme. To measure our achievement, we have set key performance indicators (KPI) for the strategy period:

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Society: Improving people’s health

  • Development of new health-promoting services
  • High-quality pharmaceutical deliveries
  • Promoting safe and correct usage of medicines
  • Number of sustainable products within our private labels
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People: Best-in-class employee engagement

  • Employee engagement
  • Employee turnover
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Planet: Carbon neutrality by 2030

  • Renewable electricity and carbon-neutral heat
  • Recycling rate