Supply chain management

Oriola’s procurement policy defines responsible procurement principles that are ethical, meet quality criteria and respect supplier cooperation. Procurement principles, as well as supplier selection and approval processes, are important to us, and they assess the business partners’ ways of operating to meet the requirements set by Oriola, particularly to ensure patient safety. We evaluate suppliers’ sustainability performance in environmental and social issues as part of our regular supplier assessment process.

Supplier climate strategy is an integral part of the supplier selection process and Oriola requires transport companies to disclose their CO2 strategy with targets for the short- (1-3 years) and long-term (5+ years) period. Along with that, the requirement for emissions reporting is added to the transport agreements and as part of the supplier selection. In 2022, we renewed the supplier evaluation process with a significant focus on risk assessment.

To help mitigate risks and drive ethical practices in supply chains, we promote adherence with ethical principles among our business partners and suppliers by requiring suppliers and other business partners to commit to our Business Partner Code of Conduct. It covers principles related to anti-bribery, anti-corruption and discrimination, respecting labour and human rights, and promoting occupational safety and health.

In 2022, we continued implementing our improved sustainable procurement process and developing the risk-based approach for managing the supply network. To increase the focus on sustainability topics within our supplier network, Oriola is currently building a new base to further improve our supply chain.

We regularly conduct scheduled risk-based re-evaluations to ensure continued compliance of direct non-pharmaceutical suppliers. The main part of Oriola’s direct non-pharmaceutical product purchases come from Europe. In Sweden, 101 supplier evaluations were performed in 2022 and 7 of them were new suppliers. In Finland, re-evaluations were postponed until 2023 as the criteria was changed during 2022.