Supply chain management

Oriola’s procurement policy defines responsible procurement principles that are ethical, meet quality criteria and respect supplier cooperation. Procurement principles, as well as supplier selection and approval processes, are important to us, and they assess the business partners’ ways of operating to meet the requirements set by Oriola, particularly to ensure patient safety. We consider our suppliers’ active environmental work as important and have integrated the sustainability criteria in our supplier assessment.

We require all our direct suppliers to commit to our Business Partner Code of Conduct. It covers principles related to anti-bribery, anti-corruption and discrimination, respecting labour and human rights, and promoting occupational safety and health.

We have conducted a geographical risk assessment of direct non-pharmaceutical products and suppliers. Most of Oriola’s direct non-pharmaceutical product purchases come from Europe. By the end of 2021, 209 out of 346 identified direct product suppliers have been benchmarked against Oriola’s supplier practices included in the Oriola Business Partner Code of Conduct.