Sustainability management

Oriola’s Board of Directors steers and approves sustainability strategy, follows up progress against targets and approves relevant policies. Our Group Management Team prepares and follows up Group's sustainability strategy including plans, targets and performance indicators. The Group Management Team is responsible for sustainability strategy implementation, regularly follows up sustainability progress against targets and supports sustainability work in the Group.

The Communications and Sustainability function is responsible for sustainability development in line with the strategy, follow-up the implementation, coordination and reporting of the corporate sustainability activities.

As sustainability is an integral part of our business strategy, sustainability is integrated in the business objectives of our business areas. Our Group-wide common management system ensures that sustainability goals are cascaded throughout the organisation and KPIs are set at local level. Also, we assess ESG risks (environment, social and governance) as part of our normal risk management process. For more information of our ESG risks, please visit our Investor section.