Oriola as an Investment

Oriola is a Finnish listed company. Oriola helps consumers to improve their wellbeing. In its own pharmacies, Oriola offers expert advice on health and wellbeing and an extensive and high-quality selection of products. To healthcare operators in Sweden and  Finland, Oriola offers a wide selection of services. Oriola unites consumers and pharmaceutical companies in a unique way. Oriola provides pharmaceutical companies an effective access to markets and improves consumers’ wellbeing by ensuring that pharmaceuticals, health products and services are delivered in a safe and customer-friendly manner.

Oriola has long experience and a strong position on the Finnish and Swedish pharmaceutical markets. In the Finnish pharmaceutical wholesale business, Oriola has a market share of approximately 46 per cent, while in Sweden the share is approximately 36 per cent in the pharmaceutical wholesale business and is 17.7 per cent in the retail business.

Oriola Corporation is listed on NASDAQ Helsinki.  Oriola´s net sales were approximately EUR 1.5 billion in 2017. Company had approximately 2,600 employees at the end of 2017.

Katja Graff

Katja Graff

Manager, Treasury and IR
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