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Importing services – solutions to handling importing responsibilities


Importing pharmaceuticals requires a wholesale license. If a pharmaceutical company does not have a pharmaceutical wholesale license, pharmaceuticals can be imported using Oriola’s pharmaceutical wholesale license.

There are many responsibilities related to importing, such as checking batch release certificates, compiling Intrastat statistics, and managing responsibilities related to mandatory reserve supplies. All of these areas are packaged into the Oriola Importing services. The service is always agreed upon separately from the distribution agreement.

Everyday co-operation between pharmaceutical companies and Oriola is important, also when Oriola acts as an importer. For instance, information about product delivery times is important so that Oriola can apply for an exemption for the mandatory reserve supplies with exact information when necessary.

Oriola provides help in importing also when pharmaceutical companies act as importers themselves. In this case, the pharmaceutical company can outsource the managing of batch release certificates to Oriola or the compiling of Intrastat reports.