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Logistics in Finland - Accurate, quick and skillfully


Oriola has 150 trucks on the move on delivery days. On a monthly basis, 287 000 boxes are delivered to 4 300 different addresses. Oriola’s head logistics centre is located in the heart of Espoo from which deliveries reach customers in the Helsinki metropolitan area even in less than two hours.

Each delivery truck has real-time delivery conditions and temperature monitoring. There are at least two measuring points in each truck as temperatures can vary between the loading door and the back of the container area. The monitoring devices measure temperatures every 15 minutes and send an alarm if temperatures rise or drop.

- Thanks to the real-time temperature monitoring we can react to situations around the clock and before any damage has even happened, says Distribution Manager Juhani Jäppinen.

The delivery contracts include detailed explanations of Oriola’s quality requirements as well as operational and work instructions. Delivery companies are being trained according the operational principles and Oriola audits the delivery companies on a regular basis with additional random spot checks defined by quality assurance.

- Deviations are recognized and handled and corrective actions are taken based on them, Jäppinen points out.

Oriola also follows the number of delivery mistakes done in correlation to the amount of products delivered and the frequency of deliveries. The delivery companies can see reports of each other’s performance. The results are better than good. Delivery companies are extremely happy about the feedback they receive as it suggests possible areas of development. If problems are found, they can be fixed immediately. The number of delivery mistakes has decreased 14% from 2012 to 2013.