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Logistics in Finland - Fast deliveries


Fast and reliable deliveries are the cornerstone of pharmaceutical logistics.

- Speed is extremely important for special medical care as the need for a particular medication can arise quite suddenly, explains Marita Saanila-Sotamaa, Development Manager of the HUS Pharmacy.

The HUS Pharmacy is responsible for managing a significant amount of pharmaceuticals. The pharmacy handles the pharmaceutical services for hospitals and clinical treatment units within HUS’s region as well as the needs of primary care units for 14 municipalities in the Uusimaa region. The newest HUS Pharmacy customer is Helsinki. Next year the HUS Pharmacy will also manage the pharmaceutical services for the capital.

Last year the HUS Pharmacy produced over 800 000 order rows to deliver which is a huge amount as anyone working in the pharmaceutical industry knows.

- Deliveries must run flawlessly and on time. If the schedule fails, it will have an immense impact on our operations, says Saanila-Sotamaa.

Sanila-Sotamaa is happy with Oriola’s fast deliveries.

- Especially special medical care needs can change suddenly. A patient might suddenly need a rarer medicine which cannot be found in our own warehouse.

Oriola’s distribution center is located in Mankkaa, Espoo. Deliveries to the Helsinki metropolitan area can be processed in two hours. Saanila-Sotamaa knows this. She is also thankful that orders can be updated even two hours before delivery.

- In Meilahti we receive orders at 1 pm that have been placed at 11 am. Or patients will receive medicine in the afternoon that has been replenished in the morning.

Additional to the HUS Pharmacy, other pharmacies in the Helsinki metropolitan area also receive daytime deliveries. During last year, daytime deliveries were expanded to cover also the Hämeenlinna-Riihimäki-Hyvinkää region.