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More operational efficiency with Oriola and pharmaceutical company integrations


More transparency, speed and quality, and less manual work. Product Manager Anna Kaisa Heikkinen lists these, amongst others, as benefits that can be achieved with system integrations between Oriola and pharmaceutical company IT systems.

- Different levels of system integrations are possible, from basic interface connections to fully tailor-made solutions, and integrations can concern different operational areas according to a pharmaceutical company’s needs. Integrations can be done also as process integrations, which means that Oriola’s ERP system is virtually plugged into a pharmaceutical company’s ERP system, Heikkinen  explains.

At its most comprehensive, an integration can mean for a pharmaceutical company that operations are guided by a system that communicates seamlessly and in real-time with Oriola’s ERP system. As an example of communications possibilities between integrated systems, there is the handling of arriving products where the pharmaceutical company’s ERP tells Oriola’s system about the arriving products. When the products have been received at Oriola, Oriola’s system sends a receipt to the pharmaceutical company’s system which, in turn, tells Oriola’s system what to do with the products.

- Commissions flow effectively through one system. Also reporting related data can be transferred directly to a pharmaceutical company’s system instead of OriolaPro, in which case the data is converted automatically to be compatible with the pharmaceutical company’s system, Heikkinen mentions.

An integration project proceeds just like any other project, starting with defining the pharmaceutical company’s business needs. After that, technical specifications are made and the implementation and testing are done. The more comprehensive the integration project, the more work it requires from both Oriola and the pharmaceutical company.

- Integration projects have to be done right the first time, and the adage holds true here too, that well planned is half done. Oriola’s experts help a pharmaceutical company to understand and crystallize the needs and goals of the integration. It is also good to remember that integrations can be implemented over country borders, Heikkinen notes.