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Omni-channel and targeted communications


Oriola’s Pharmacy Message, Health Shop Message and Vet Message reach specific audiences efficiently in matters of product information, pharmaceutical safety and marketing.

Pharmacy Message connects with all of Finland’s pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and medical centres. Pharmacy Message’s strength lies in an up-to-date customer registry where separate email addresses are maintained for announcements and marketing messages, as per request of customers. Subsequently, customers can receive different types of messages at different email addresses if they so wish.

Vet Message is based on the same basic idea as Pharmacy Message. We want to offer an effective communications channel also to veterinaries. Vet Message reaches in total over 1000 vets, veterinary clinics and Bachelors of Veterinary Science throughout Finland. Vet Message is the next step in developing our communications services as Oriola distributes a vast amount of animal products and veterinaries are an important customer group.

Health Shop Message reach by e-mail over 300 health shops in Finland. All Pharmacy Messages; Health Shop Messages and Vet Messages are also published in the OriolaPro customer portal’s News section.

OriolaPro is a daily tool for customers to, among others, see real-time availability and price information of products. All announcements published in OriolaPro are visible also on product cards so customers can see if there is an announcement related to the product. The visibility of product safety announcements can be enhanced with the Actual –ticker tape. Marketing efforts can be enhanced with front page product lifts accompanied by pictures.