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Customer-focused and tailored Clinical Supplies Services


Oriola+ Clinical Supplies Services span the entire logistical chain of researched pharmaceuticals from arrival to disposal. The services are customer-focused and tailored.

- Additional to the Clinical Supplies Services we provide Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Services which covers labeling, inspections and re-packaging also for licensed products, says Anu Heikkinen, Product Manager of the both Clinical Supply Services and Pharmaceutical Raw Materials.

Heikkinen takes care of quotes and contract negotiations.

- I also participate in daily operations, which helps me understand customer needs. I know all the possibilities and can therefore find the best solutions for each customer.

When a clinical study starts, the implementation is agreed in detail.

- We agree with the pharmaceutical company the details regarding temperature and transportation, for example whether to use Oriola’s or the pharmaceutical company’s packaging. Documentation and reporting are also agreed in detail. Detailed documentation is important so that the logistical chain can be ensured as well as the traceability of batches, says Heikkinen.

Accuracy and confidentiality are key factors

The handling of pharmaceuticals requires accuracy and good teamwork. All orders are checked and confirmed by two people. A team of three persons regularly participates in GMP (good manufacturing practice), GDP (good distribution practice) and GCP (good clinical practise) trainings. Our operations are constantly being developed, and regular audits are carried out by the authorities and pharmaceutical companies.

- Our operations comply with the requirements of GDP and, where applicable, also those of GCP. Official requirements are becoming stricter all the time, and we also receive customer feedback and requests regarding the development of our services, says Heikkinen.

Confidentiality is also an integral part of handling pharmaceuticals.

- We ensure that confidential information remains confidential, for example, with manual reporting and by processing product information in a separate ERP system. The pharmaceuticals are also stored and handled under lock and key in separate premises that are accessible only by authorised persons, Heikkinen says.

Text: Myra Magnusson
Image: Vesa Tyni