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Oriola Road Show reached more than 1000 pharmaceutical professionals


More than 1000 pharmaceutical professionals attended the Oriola Road Show this year. The Road Show received good feedback from guests and partners.

Oriola’s partners from Orion Pharma and Mölnlycke Health Care were also pleased with the Oriola Road Show concept.

- It is the second time we are co-operating with Oriola as part of the Oriola Road Show. The previous experience was so good that we wanted to work with Oriola also this year, says Marketing Director Peter Lindström from Orion Pharma.

- It is possible to reach very large amounts of customers in local areas, which would otherwise be very hard to do, explains Product Manager Kimmo Sutinen from Mölnlycke Health Care.

Guests were pleased with the expert lectures

Pharmacists and veterinarians were very pleased with the two expert lectures: “Stomach customers in pharmacies” held by Gastroenterology Specialist Petri Pesonen and “Parasites and parasitic diseases of Finnish dogs” held by Docent Anu Näreaho.

- It is always more interesting to hear about new things face to face, says Pharmacist Piia Larkka-Blomstedt from Soukka pharmacy.

Watch the video and hear more about what guests and partners said about the Road Show. The video was shot in Helsinki, March 16th, 2016.