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Promotional material services to support marketing


“We offer our customers a flexible and quick service for advertising materials. We can deliver even unusual orders very quickly, if needed,” says Nette Luukkonen, Service Manager at Oriola.

Oriola’s promotional material services consist of two separate types of services: storage hotel services and packaging services. The storage hotel services comprise storage space for the marketing materials of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. We deliver materials to pharmacies, veterinarians, hospitals and other target groups as needed.

“Companies also store their fair materials in our facilities and we deliver them to fairs around Finland,” says Luukkonen.

The storage hotel services are based on longer-term service agreements.

“If you need storage space for your advertising materials, get in touch with us! We’ll analyse your needs in detail and offer a tailored service,” Luukkonen says.

Oriola offers online services for managing promotional materials. Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies can find their products in OriolaPro, where they can also view the sales of their products. Pharmacies, hospitals, veterinarians and health stores can order advertising materials through OriolaPro. The goods are shipped efficiently along with other Oriola deliveries.

Packaging services for one-off needs

Oriola’s packaging services can take care of your one-off packaging needs very quickly, if needed. Our packaging services include desk and floor stands, strapped dual packages, plastic film wrapping, campaign mailings of advertising materials and product labelling for non-pharmaceutical products.

”We have many years of experience in packaging different types of campaign materials. If needed we can advise our customers on selecting campaign materials to ensure successful delivery,” Luukkonen says.


Text: Myra Magnusson
Photos: Vesa Tyni