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Veterinary pharmaceuticals sector is changing


A lot has happened in the veterinary pharmaceutical sector in recent years.Oriola endeavours to meet its customers’ needs also when it comes to the changes in the sector.

One of the changes in the field of veterinary pharmaceuticals is that chains of veterinary clinics have sprung up alongside the municipal veterinarians and small private veterinary clinics. According to Hannu Marttila, Sales Director of Orion’s veterinary drugs, this new situation has not altered the way things work in pharmaceutical distribution:

“The main thing has always been – and will always be – good service: Customers must receive what they ordered, on time. The products must also be faultless after storage and transportation, and Oriola is very good at ensuring this,” says Marttila.

Changes in product selection

Oriola takes care of the entire veterinary pharmaceutical service chain for Orion, from order to delivery and invoicing.

“This turnkey service is an easy and carefree solution for us,” says Marttila.

He mentions that Orion has also heard good feedback regarding Oriola’s digital OriolaPro service.

“We also use the parts of the OriolaPro service that apply to us. Contacts with Oriola are, above all, easy and uncomplicated.”

Marttila explains that in recent years product selections have also changed. Veterinary pharmaceuticals are developing all the time.

He mentions Sileo, a proprietary drug developed by Orion, as an example. It is the only drug in the world indicated for alleviation of anxiety and fear associated with loud noise in dogs.

“We were able to start sales of Sileo at the beginning of December last year. Oriola’s fast action meant that the drug was delivered to pharmacies in plenty of time before New Year's Eve and its fireworks. It must have been a godsend for many dogs who are afraid of loud noises,” says Marttila.

Specialisation on the increase

Anident veterinary clinic in Veikkola is a good example of one of today’s trends: specialisation. The clinic specialises in dental care for dogs and cats. For example, Anident carries out tooth extractions and root canals and treats fractured jaws. Anident also performs a certain amount of other treatments and tests.

“Patients are referred to us from as far away as Lapland,” says Marjut Nieminen, veterinary technician.

We also treat police dogs, for example. Their work tasks are hard on their teeth. The clinic’s patients also include other working dogs from customs and the defence forces.

When they have their dental treatment the dogs and cats do not, however, stay as calm as they do in their work duties.

“We have to anaesthetise animals who come for dental operations, so we use a lot of anaesthetics. Animals sleep deeply during their ‘naps’ at the clinic,” laughs Nieminen.

Anident also often requires painkillers and various dental equipment.

“Depending on the patient, we often dispense products that help to ensure the patient’s stomach health after the pharmaceutical treatment.”

Reliable cooperation

Anident sometimes needs strong painkillers that are sold under a special permit.

“Through Oriola it is easy to acquire products that require a special permit. We previously had to apply for the permits through the Finnish Medicines Agency (Fimea), but now we can just deal with Oriola. The process is now much faster as one stage has been removed.”

Cooperation with Oriola is close in other ways, and Marjut Nieminen is familiar with the OriolaPro digital service platform.

“Oriola is a very reliable partner. The company has a broad selection of animal products and deliveries arrive on time. OriolaPro is a handy tool as we can easily make small entries whenever there is time in between other tasks. Orders can then be sent once a week, for example.”

“If I am unable to clarify something in OriolaPro then I just call up and ask someone. Matters are handled quickly and easily by familiar contacts,” says Nieminen.