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Voice of customer training emphasizes a good customer experience


The customer service skills of Oriola teams are developed with Voice of Customer trainings targeted to specific teams. During May, Oriola’s Master Data Management, Account Management and Supply Chain Coordination teams were trained.

One of the Voice of Customer training participants was Customer and Product Data Specialist Anni Lehto. She started in the Master Data Management team in September, 2015. Previously Lehto worked in the hospital customer team and in warehouse picking.

The Oriola Master Data Management team takes care on Oriola’s product and customer information. The team of four specialists maintains, amongst others, product, customer and campaign information in Oriola’s systems and manages obligatory stock.

- My work consists of different tasks requested by customers such as creating campaigns in Oriola’s systems, price and invoice corrections, and managing price reductions, explains Lehto.

Good customer service is a win-win

Lehto says that the Voice of Customer training built a clear view of Oriola’s role as a service provider. During the training, it was clear what is needed to satisfy customers.

- Every new service situation is a new opportunity. I learned that the right attitude is important when serving both internal and external customers. It is important to strive for win-win situations where everybody wins. When our customers can serve their customers well, they prosper and so do we.

Lehto says that training also provided good examples on how to manage challenging situations. She states that it is important to recognize patterns of repeating errors and unnecessary work.

- It is important to learn why a problem occurs and then fix the root cause after which the problem is also solved. The customer will subsequently receive a better customer service experience, Lehto summarizes.

Text and image: Myra Magnusson