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Agile service


Oriola renewed its customer service at the beginning of 2017.The reform aims at excellent customer experiences.

Oriola employs 38 customer service professionals in Finland. The company reformed its customer service organisation at the beginning of the year.

“We want to further improve the customer experience. We want to find and share best practices across our customer service organisation. Both customers and employees benefit from optimal internal structures,” says Elina Veisterä, Customer Service Director at Oriola.

Oriola’s customer service organisation is now divided into three sections, with the professionals who serve buying customers and pharmaceutical companies working at the customer interface. Buying customers are served by the pharmacy, hospital and veterinary medicine teams, as well as corporate sales and the online store. Customer Service Manager Marika Perämäki is in charge of this section. Customer Service Manager Annamari Mankinen is responsible for customer services for pharmaceutical companies. These two teams are supported by the team headed by Customer Service Manager Sanna Myllys.

Excellent customer service through close cooperation

The customer service reform is intended to enable agile responses to customers’ needs and wishes. One of the cornerstones is close cooperation between the Expert Services unit and Customer Service. Other important aspects include learning from one another within the customer service teams and sharing best practices.

“We believe in continuous development. Cooperation between the teams makes it easier to implement new ideas. We learn from each other’s experiences and are able to assume comprehensive responsibility for a customer,” says Marika Perämäki.

Oriola monitors customer satisfaction by means of surveys, and it also collects feedback directly from its partners and customers.

“Feedback is a valuable tool for evaluating our operations and further improving customer service. We are examining processes from various perspectives, within various development projects, to begin with. These include the reform of our ERP system, which is intended to provide our customers with even better quality and increased transparency. We also make use of Lean thinking. I strongly believe in continuous development. Sometimes this means major leaps, and sometimes it is about baby steps,” says Veisterä.