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Everything that the client needs


Oriola and Farenta joined forces last autumn, creating a unique range of services that is the best on the market for healthcare operators, from clinical research to customer service.

Oriola and Farenta are known for their strong expertise and know-how and their high-quality services. The range of services is now broader than ever before.

“We are partners with a pharmaceutical company through the life cycles of medications. We have always had a strong customer focus, but now we are able to help clients more comprehensively than before. All the client needs to have is a product. We can help with everything else according to need,” says Annastiina Palmroth-Holst, Business Unit Director, Services, Finland and the Baltic countries at Oriola Oyj.

“We will do everything we can to help our clients succeed in the market.”
The strong range of logistics has been complemented with comprehensive expert services. The service package intended for pharmaceutical companies and hospitals covers the entire value chain of the medication. Mikko Veräjänkorva is in charge of these services. Pharmacies are provided with personnel optimisation and personnel services, with Mikko Törmä in charge.

“Our expert services can be integrated seamlessly into various client needs. Our clients will be able to maintain high quality requirements, regardless of external or internal changes affecting their companies. Our expert services have been designed to be adjusted to clients’ needs and enable efficient, high-quality operations under all circumstances,” says Mikko Veräjänkorva.

Life-cycle services in the Nordic and Baltic countries

“We joined forces because pharmaceutical companies benefit from getting all services from the same operator in the Nordic and Baltic countries,” says Veräjänkorva.

“We provide pharmaceutical companies with comprehensive research, market access, logistics, commercialisation, quality assurance, market authorisation, pharmaceutical safety, pharmaceutical information and translation services, for example. We are continuously developing the selection based on feedback from clients and on their needs.”

A wide range of services for pharmacies

Oriola has always cooperated closely with pharmacies. The company serves pharmacies on a daily basis and holds hundreds of events every year. The annual Road Show alone brings together more than 1,000 professionals in the pharmacy and pharmaceutical sectors. In addition, our clients have access to electronic channels, such as the Farenta network and OriolaPro.

“Now we are also able to help pharmacies adjust their number of employees to their needs. We have 400 pharmacists providing assistance in around 50 per cent of Finnish pharmacies. Every pharmacy should make use of our optimisation service when they need change management, for example,” Mikko Törmä points out.