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Jussi Kinnunen to be Product Manager of Commercial Services


Product Manager Jussi Kinnunen has held various positions in the pharmaceuticals business, with the authorities and in the pharmaceuticals and pharmacy businesses.At Oriola his main responsibilities include product management duties in additional logistics services and the development of Oriola’s service processes and service sales.

Oriola’s Commercial Services were reinforced in May when Jussi Kinnunen, a pharmacist, started as its Product Manager. Kinnunen has extensive experience in the pharmaceuticals business. He has worked at Fimea, where his duties involved clinical trials. From 2010 he worked at Farenta in various sales, marketing and specialist positions, gaining expertise in the pharmaceuticals and pharmacy sectors. At Farenta, he was the Key Account Manager of a pharmaceuticals company, for example.

Kinnunen joined Oriola at the beginning of 2017, first working in the hospital tender team. In his current position at Oriola, Kinnunen’s main responsibilities include additional logistics services and also the development of Oriola’s service processes and sales, the maintenance and monitoring of service packages and the price list for additional services, and various customer projects.

”Oriola is an interesting and evolving company. We offer our customers a wide selection of services. We also focus on developing our services because we want to offer new, comprehensive and customer-oriented solutions. I want to bring my versatile experience to Oriola’s service development work. I am confident that I can introduce new and useful perspectives to discussions on end-users’ needs and expectations," says Kinnunen.

Assistance in import-related obligations

Kinnunen’s key responsibilities involve obligations related to imports: when a pharmaceutical company does not have its own wholesale licence, medicines can be imported under Oriola's pharmaceutical wholesale licence. Importers have many different obligations, such as inspecting batch release certificates, keeping Intrastat statistics, and mandatory reserve supply responsibilities. All these areas have been packaged together to make import services. A separate agreement is always made on the service in the distribution contract.

”We also offer our help when pharmaceuticals companies are the importers. The company can outsource the processing of batch release certificates or Intrastat statistics to Oriola,” Kinnunen says.

Text: Myra Magnusson