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Pinse brought pharmacy students to visit Oriola


Pinse is an event of the Nordic pharmacy students that is held every spring and gathers together pharmacy students from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Every participating country organizes the event in turns and this year the programme was hosted by the Finnish pharmacy students.

The purpose of Pinse is to enhance collaboration and maintain connections between the Nordic pharmacy students. During the event week the students will visit pharmacies and other businesses of the sector. This year’s goal was to raise awareness about the Finnish pharmaceutical industry and Oriola had the honor to be one of the visit destinations of the event.

During their visit the students got to know more about Oriola as a company with the lead of Customer Service Director Elina Veisterä. Veisterä, who herself has a degree in Pharmacy, told about the versatile know-how found in Oriola. The Bachelor and Master degrees of Pharmacy can lead to many different roles and, as an example, in Oriola you can find employees with a degree in Pharmacy in customer service, marketing and management.

In her speech, Human Resources Director Veera Eskelä told more about Oriola as an employer and the different career opportunities. Many of the current employees have started their career in Oriola working in the warehouse during their studies and after graduating proceeded to new roles. Oriola offers interesting career opportunities for example in pharmacies and distribution centers as well as specialists in management. Farenta’s career opportunities were presented by Recruiting Manager Liisa Haapakoski. Farenta was already known especially to the Finnish students and some of them told they have worked for Farenta.

After the presentations some of the students visited Oriola’s warehouse with the lead of Logistic Manager Jani Honkaniemi and some dropped by Oriolashop to explore Oriola’s brands and other products.

In the conversation with the students came out that the students are fluently moving between the Nordic countries after their studies. The Bachelor degree of Pharmacy may have been finished in Finland and then the student has proceeded to the next level, a Master’s programme, e.g. in Norway. Internationality and collaboration give the students a chance to gain widely knowledge and skills to support their current studies and future careers.

These enthusiast students will soon find their own paths in the fascinating world of pharmacy and pharmaceutical companies, and they will take part in creating a sustainable base for health and well-being.

TEXT: Jenna Syrenius

PHOTO: Felix Marquez