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Full service from Kronans Apotek and from diagnosis to medicins


In the spring 2018, Oriola invested in Swedish online medical center, giving it an ownership of approximately 17% of the total number of shares in Kronans Apotek's and's cooperation is now rapidly advancing. As the first step, Kronans Apotek's recipe feed has now been integrated into's mobile app.'s patients will, from today, be able to get both diagnosis and medication directly through app.

Kronans Apotek's customers will, through the cooperation, be offered access to medical advice, distance treatment prescription management at

"We want to be where our customers are, and they are increasingly managing their health online and through their mobile devices. We are pleased that together with we can offer them the whole service chain, from diagnosis to prescription", says Anders Torell, CEO of Kronans Apotek. is a healthcare app that helps consumers with healthcare advice and access to distance care and prescription management. Initially, the collaboration focused on integrating Kronans Apotek's recipe flow into's app. This means that's patients can now view their prescriptions and order their medicines directly via's app.

"This collaboration will increase the service offering for our patients and help them keep track of, and renew their recipes, order them by mail or to the nearest pharmacy, and remind them when the recipe is about to expire. It was clear that this would be a step that we would take together with Kronans Apotek", says Martin Lindman, CEO of

Within the collaboration, Kronans Apotek will in turn offer all of its customers new services via This means that Kronans Apotek's customers can quickly and easily, through's app, meet a nurse and doctor and get help with examination, diagnosis and treatments.

Via, Kronan Apotek's customers are offered
• Free calls, chat and video calls with specialist nurses and midwives
• Free calls, chats and video calls with doctors and psychologists
• Making an appointment at health care providers, both public and private
• Exclusive offering in healthcare
• Free delivery of prescriptions and pharmaceuticals

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