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"I have received a great welcome", says Anders Torell, VP Consumer Business and Managing Director of Kronans Apotek


Anders Torell, VP Consumer Business and Managing Director of Kronans Apotek started at Oriola at the beginning of January.Since 2003 Anders has served in ICA as logistics director, business manager of the Maxi profile and country managing director of Estonia within Rimi Baltic. His most recent role was programme director of ICA Sweden.

How does it feel to start working at Oriola and Kronans Apotek?
- Really good! I have been waiting to start working here for six months, so now I am all geared up. I am really looking forward to getting started and working at Kronans Apotek.

What do you think about Kronans Apotek, now that you have joined the organisation?
- That the organisation boasts many competent and dedicated people with a high level of education. That there is a positive spirit throughout the company. There is a positive feel everywhere I have been as a customer, visitor at a pharmacy and in the service office. It is really great!

According to you, what needs to be done at Kronans Apotek?
- One focus area is digitalisation. It affects the customers and we need to keep up. We also need to see which companies are driving the development. It is very difficult to predict what will happen in five years. So we need to be active and follow the development and we need to accelerate the issues internally.

How are you as a leader?
- I am calm and confident. I have been told that I am professional, caring and have a good sense of humour.  I am not a manager who micromanages. I believe in being a perceptive leader who listens and motivates. For example, I will not lock myself in a Managing Director room at the service office but will sit together with the others in the office landscape.

What do you know about the pharmacy sphere?
- I have spent the last six months trying to understand it. I have a background within retail so am familiar with that aspect. I have also worked with logistics. I have less knowledge of the agencies and governance of the pharmacy sphere, but there are many specialists at Kronans Apotek with knowledge of these areas so in this sense I feel confident.

What do you think about the aspect retail and care and pharmacies?
- I personally think that you should see pharmacies as a business which helps people to feel better. People need medicines and care, but also help with their health in other ways such as over-the-counter drugs, toothbrushes and skin care. It is about caring for your personal health. Essentially this is what pharmacies are about, getting our consumers to feel better.

Have you seen any development opportunities for Kronans Apotek?
- There are always opportunities. I think that we need to improve in terms of customer data. What do the customers really think? What do they want? And what do they think about Kronans Apotek and what the brand stands for? We need to work more on these issues. And this is long-term work.

- We also need to work more with Oriola, Svensk Dos and ICT Health support. Everyone can help and contribute even more to customer needs.

Facts about Anders

Family: Two daughters aged 17 and 19. "With all the ups and downs of two daughters entering adulthood." Wife Anneli works in Stockholm City Hall.

Hobbies: Fond of windsurfing, among the best in his youth, holds the 16th position in this year's Swedish Championship. Enjoys cross-country and downhill skiing as well as running. Likes playing golf and sailing.