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Special Licensed Medicines service fills in medical shortages


Oriola offers the possibility of importing unlicensed medicines with which the continued treatment of patient can be ensured.

Principles of ensuring patient safety and treatment commitment strongly guide the whole pharmaceutical industry. One essential factor in committing to the treatment of a patient is the availability of a medicine. Sudden shortages of licensed products can occur. It is important for pharmaceutical companies to inform pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospital procurement departments, pharmacies and vets of shortages as proactively as possible. Quick and proactive action helps in finding the best possible solution to the situation.

When the shortage is only for a brief period of time, the situation can usually be handled through communications. For this purpose, Oriola has effective communications channels such as Pharmacy Message, OriolaPro and Farentaverkko. Through these channels, it is possible to reach all of Finland’s pharmacies, hospital pharmacies and medical centres, and in cases related to patient safety, read receipts of announcements can be gathered.

When the shortage continues for extended periods of time, Oriola offers the possibility of importing special licenced medicines with which the continued treatment of patient can be ensured.

- In these situations, expert help can be received quickly from our team. Through our network, we can find just the right product to fill in the shortage of a licensed pharmaceutical. Thus, we can ensure that the patient receives the necessary treatment throughout the shortage period, explains International Sourcing Product Manager, Expert Pharmacist Tiina Liipo.