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A pioneer project to support the treatment of Hepatitis C patients in Sweden


Oriola strives to support health and wellbeing in society. The pioneer project Linkage/C aims to help patients with Hepatitis C and  is a great example how actors within the healthcare sector can cooperate in a patient-centric way.

In the project Linkage/C, pharmaceutical companies and Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm via ICT Health Support, a part of Oriola corporation, collaborate to find patients with Hepatitis C. Karolinska Hospital is responsible for the project management. Involved pharmaceutical companies finance the project by purchasing patient support service from ICT Health Support. This means that ICT Health Support´s nurses and administrator staff the project.

Nurses meet patients, who are often drug addicts, for example in methadone clinics and in prisons. This way, as many patients as possible with suspected Hepatitis C, can be reached. Nurses take samples, examine the patients to diagnose Hepatitis and assess whether they are susceptible to treatment. If so, the patients will be booked for a doctor’s appointment at Karolinska Hospital where a doctor will make decisions concerning the treatment.

Collaboration via an independent party such as ICT Health Support makes it possible for the pharmaceutical companies to indirectly support Karolinska Hospital with initiatives that serve as a complement to regular care.

StockholmDirect published an article about the Linkage/C project in January 2019. Read the article in Swedish here.