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Kronans Apotek expands drop-in clinics – 82% of Swedes are interested in getting healthcare services from pharmacies


Kronans Apotek expanded its drop-in healthcare services to two new pharmacies this week, in Malmö and Stockholm. Flexible services improve accessibility of care, which currently is one of the biggest problems in Swedish healthcare according to a recent survey.

Drop-in clinics in pharmacies offer customers healthcare services, such as vaccinations, medication assessments, blood pressure measurements and variety of blood tests to determine for example haemoglobin, blood sugar and inflammation (CRP). The services are available without an appointment. Digital care services, such as advice, doctor appointments and prescription renewals, are offered in collaboration with Swedish online medical centre, partly owned by Oriola.

Today, even 98 percent of Swedish people are experiencing problems with Swedish healthcare, revealed a recent survey conducted by Kronans Apotek. Long queues (69% of respondents), poor accessibility (39%) and too many different contact persons (35%) are seen as the biggest issues. According to the same survey, 82 percent of Swedish people can consider turning to pharmacies for basic healthcare services.

“Kronans Apotek is one of the pharmacy chains that today supports healthcare with these kinds of services. In addition to improving accessibility of care, we also have an important role in medical safety. Pharmacists in the pharmacies are the only employees in healthcare who see patients' overall medicine prescriptions, which reduces the risk of harmful medicine interactions,” says Anders Torell, Vice President, Business Area Consumer.

Drop-in services were launched in two Kronans Apotek pharmacies early this year, and currently they are offered to customers in four pharmacies in four cities; Falun, Kungälv, Malmö and Stockholm. The target is to open 10 drop-in clinics in total during 2019.

About the survey

Top 10 basic healthcare services that respondents would like to get from a pharmacy:

  1. Measuring blood pressure 81%
  2. Vaccination 76%
  3. Test for vitamin and mineral deficiency 58%
  4. Mole check-up 55%
  5. Eye exam 50%
  6. Blood tests for diagnosis of various diseases 42%
  7. Measuring of body composition / visceral fat 41%
  8. Health analysis 41%
  9. Pulmonary function tests 37%
  10. Genetic analysis of DNA 22%

The survey was conducted in Kantar Sifo's web panel during 22-25 August 2019. A total of 1,053 people aged 16-79 were interviewed. The web panel is nationally recruited based on random selection.

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Andreas Rosenlund, Communications Director, Kronans Apotek,