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Mobile nurses help patients in their home environment


A boy needs infusion treatment once a week. Typically, a visit to the hospital would be needed. A patient-friendly mobile nurse service makes it possible to provide the treatment at the boy’s school instead, and the parents don’t have to take a day off for the journey to the hospital.

Our mobile nurse service is one example of Oriola’s patient support programmes. The service is typically used to support a patient with taking a specific medicine. Pharmaceutical companies purchase the service from Oriola, and Oriola’s nurses provide the service to the patients. A mobile nurse supports the patient in taking their medicine wherever it is convenient: at home, at work, at the summer cottage, at school or in day care. In addition to visiting the patient, a mobile nurse can also collect health data, answer the patient’s or their relatives’ questions, provide on-call service over the phone and take blood samples.

“We are happy to be able to help patients in their home environment. It is a relief for the patient and their loved ones. No one should feel sicker than they are,” says Anna-Maria Ek, Head of the Patient and Medical Support Programmes.

Responding to the customer need

Trends show that patients want to manage their treatment at home whenever possible. Another trend is “pay for performance”, which means that in the future, pharmaceutical companies will probably be paid based on treatment outcomes. This will create an even higher need for supportive health care services that ensure that patients take their medication according to the prescription.

The mobile nurse service will not only increase the quality of life for the patient – it will probably reduce society's health care costs as well. The reason lies in more cost-efficient health economics: a reduced number of visits to the hospital and a better response to treatment.