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More efficient recycling cut CO2 emissions by 7 tons at Mankkaa distribution centre


Improving recycling rate saves natural resources and improves material efficiency. A recent recycling project at Oriola’s distribution centre at Espoo, Finland, showed how even relatively simple initiatives can make a big difference.

Logistics operations typically involves heavy usage of packaging material. With efficient recycling, packaging waste becomes raw material for new uses instead of being combusted for energy. This saves natural resources and CO2 emissions as well as minimises material waste.

At Oriola, we have decided to take decisive steps to increase recycling. One example of this was a recycling project at Mankkaa distribution centre that was conducted in spring 2019. During the project, we for example started to collect plastic film (used e.g. to wrap pallets), standardised recycling cans and clarified recycling instructions as well as trained all employees at the warehouse.

Plastic recycling increased by 370%

Numbers speak for themselves: during the first half of 2019, overall recycling rate at Mankkaa increased to 67,9% (61,5% in 2018), combustible waste decreased by 30% and recycled cardboard increased 11%. But the most stunning result relates to plastic recycling: it increased by 370%.

“By increasing the recycling rate, we prevented almost 7 tons of CO2 emissions, which corresponds to driving over 40 times from Helsinki to Utsjoki, a journey over 1,200 kilometres to one direction,” says Katja Tolkki, Head of Sustainability at Oriola.